About Island ICF


Island ICF Foundation Supplies Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of the NUDURA ICF product and accessory line and is Vancouver Island’s leading distributor of NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and accessories are a unique and innovative line of materials that offer incredible benefits to builders. Such as mass wall construction, minimizing waste, limiting labor and reducing costs.

At Island ICF Inc. we have chosen NUDURA ICFs because, after many years in the construction industry, we have no doubt that NUDURA ICFs are the best.

NUDURA ICFs allow you to build faster and more efficiently while giving you the freedom and versatility to design and build your project the way you envision it. The end result is a finished structure that is airtight, energy efficient, stronger and more resilient than one built with conventional framing. Island ICF can supply the products you need for your project – new home, multi-family or commercial construction. ICFs can be used for foundations or above grade walls, providing a permanent, fire-resistant, quiet, stronger finished product.

Customer Satisfaction - Guaranteed

Our collective experience in the local building materials and construction industries guarantees customer satisfaction.


Darrell Ell – Owner

Darrell has worked in the building supplies and ready-mix concrete industries since 1980. Darrell is passionate about Nudura ICF construction and the innovation Nudura has brought to the industry. Born and raised in Victoria and living in Sooke, Darrell has a vast list of contacts in the construction industry and a lifetime of knowledge. Darrell has been in the building supplies industry in Victoria for so long that many of his current customers are referrals from their parents and grandparents.

Shane Hughes – Owner

Shane has worked in the building/construction industry since 1997, starting his own company in Victoria in 2002. Shane specializes in custom homes and is involved in every aspect of construction from design to landscaping. Shane started building with ICF in 2015 and knows that this is the future of construction. With changes to the Building Code, building energy efficient homes is becoming a necessity. Insulated Concrete Forms will replace conventional framing and be standard practice in the near future. Shane and Island ICF are happy to be part of the changes in the building industry and is excited to see what the future brings.

Gillian Hurwood

Our bookkeeper and administrative support and married to Darrell.

Karen Hughes

Karen works on the advertising, promotion and social media aspects of Island ICF and is married to Shane.

Kuda Midzi – Estimator

Kuda joined Island ICF in 2019 to take on the ever growing request for estimates for our customers. Kuda’s background is in AutoCAD. He brings his eye for detail to every estimate and drawing he completes.

Matt Redmond – Shipping Team

Matt has been with ICF since the beginning and has extensive ICF construction experience.